I'm Alex Kearney, a Master's student studying Computer Science at the University of Alberta. I focus on Artificial Intelligence and prosthetics.

When I'm not playing with robots, I hang out with the indieweb community, drink tea, and scubadive.

"Was it as easy as it looked?" "yes"

Twisting your arm into impossible solutions to finish a task. #Cybathlon2016

Waking up early to watch the #Cybathlon2016!

How I can tell that I'm in Canada: There's a lumberjack competition on the quad.

Things that would make my #twitter experience much better: if most of my interactions weren't with bots who want follow-backs. #indieweb

I've just added an approval queue to my activitystreams inbox. Now I can receive notifications from anyone!

I've added an activitystreams inbox to my indieweb blog. Only rhiaro can send me notifications though. :)

Uh, so I saw this truck today. #yeg

The UofA is looking pretty today. #yeg