I'm Alex Kearney, a Master's student studying Computer Science at the University of Alberta. I focus on Artificial Intelligence and prosthetics.

When I'm not playing with robots, I hang out with the indieweb community, drink tea, and scubadive.

Such a good dog.

The lab telepresence robot is actually being used, and it's kind of weird.

The robot sways to give a life-like sense to the speaker, but it still feels like they're a disembodied head.


I went back to Edinburgh for hogmanay this year and it was pretty excellent.

The BLINC lab just made a pretty neat video about the adaptive prosthetics work we do.

I played trains with Danny and Felicia at tabletop and created a glorious green-machine railway empire.

The local elementary school made and delivered christmas cards for the community and it's adorable. #yeg

I ate all the carrots in the newark maple leaf lounge.

me: let's put ubuntu on the new computer; this will be painless! boot loop ensues

John Williams + local symphony = unexpected and excellent cosplay.

People lined up for summary execution at the edmonton symphony #yeg #yeg #yegarts