I went back to Edinburgh for hogmanay this year and it was pretty excellent.

I had the chance to go to tardis pub and hang out with all the old people. Edmonton really needs a solid tech-pub meetup where people can eat nachos in a metal bar and hang sloths from chandeliers.

Jammy had a Hockey Night in Scotland on New Years where there was so much prosciutto and cheese and wine. We watched an Oilers game and played some NHL video game where both teams were set to be wearing the same jerseys. I am not good at video-game hockey.

Getting to go back to the museum was a really comforting highlight. I used to spend a bunch of time milling about the national museum since I was just a couple of blocks away. Having the chance to grab some brew-lab soup and wander around the atrium again was really pleasant. It kind of felt like I was back living in old-town.

I used to wander through the statuary on the top floor before exams since it was quiet and pretty. It's a really eclectic mix that goes from japan through Asia, the Middle East, and Europe through the ages. I noticed the placard for the paleontologist's statue had changed. It used to mention that he had committed suicide after losing his faith, but now it's just a vague blurb about who he was.

The refurbished wings of the museum opened again with new permanent exhibits. The science and technology wing had a whole bunch of planes suspended from the ceiling.

Jammy made me the best steak I've had in a while. Also cabbage is pretty all-right.

Charlotte and I went on a walk through the hermatige nature reserve. there are a bunch of little well-hidden nooks in the park with little features. Stuff like old ice-cellars and ponds. The castle-like visitor centre was open, so we had a chance to walk through it. Included in the exhibits was a birds nest which had been bent out of huge chunks of wire. So metal. We kind of got lost on the way down from the summit of the hill, but it gave us the chance to look over all of the city while the sun was setting.

Edinburgh is a perfect city; I hope I get to live there again sometime.