I'm Alex Kearney, a PhD student studying Computer Science at the University of Alberta. I focus on Artificial Intelligence and Epistemology.

I talk a lot about travel, dev, yeg, indieweb, grad-school, music, tech, folk, food, and smithsonian

This is the third time today my friends and I have found political business cards littered on the ground. This isn’t the capital clean-up I was expecting 🧹💨

#abpoli #ableg #yeg #cndnpoli

What I Did Mar 30th to April 7th

  • Wrote RLDM reviews
  • Visited my parents in Canmore with Akiko
  • Skiied at Sunshine
  • Skiied at Lake Lousie for the first time with Dylan
  • Found a cute french bakery in Canmore
  • Started working on a new sweater

Playing hookey at @sunshinevillage.

#canada #travel #mountains #ski

What I Did Mar 24th - 30th

  • Baked some brie
  • Went to a Hockey Game with my Uncle (we lost)
  • Had a mole lopped off!
  • Went to the Alberta Yarn Project to pick up some sweater materials (just in time for summer)

I was walking downtown this morning and caught the last moments of sunrise painting the buildings. The way the light reflects off the golden glass makes the neighboring building look like it has calligraphy scrawled all over it. #yeg #yegdt #urbanphotography

  • Watched Pi
  • Got kicked in the face
  • Played catch-up in writing up notes from crafting
  • Ugraded my site to Bootstrap4 and made some nice tweaks to the layout
  • Added mathematical typesetting to my site so that I can add maths to posts

$$v(s) \gets v(s) + \alpha \delta z$$

  • Played Inside
  • Drafted a sweater pattern

I finished some green socks just in time for St. Patrick’s day ☘️🧦 ended up re-knitting the heels three times trying to get the fit right. During the process, I discovered that I have a fairly high instep, so I can’t use a number of toe-up heel patterns. The fit turned out great, especially considering this is my first pair of socks! I can see custom socks being a regular fixture on my needles this year 🍀

Colourway is ‘Endor’ by @blackcatcustomyarn

  • Watched Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
  • Passed my candidacy exam! 🎉
  • Finished my first pair of socks custom fit to me
  • Went to a celtic-themed pops concert for St Patrick's day 🍀
  • Made a looot of biscotti

Tips and tricks for automation in ML

  • Watched Tron for the first time
  • Met up for kayaking planning
  • Celebrated International Women's day in the office
  • Put my old TIDBD work on Arxiv 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Went to an Eco-printing workshop and a yarn dying workshop at Fern's School of Craft
  • Found an art installation that looks like a print my uncle has