I'm Alex Kearney, a PhD student studying Computer Science at the University of Alberta. I focus on Artificial Intelligence and Epistemology.

I talk a lot about travel, dev, yeg, grad-school, indieweb, tech, article, japan 2019, art, japan, and other things.

Happy folk fest for those who celebrate :-)

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From 2023-08-04T12:16 To 2023-08-07T22:00

Getting the garden ready to go outside. I’m going to have so many veggies this year!

Get ready for more corn-posting.

On my way to the 2023 Barbados Reinforcement Learning workshop.

Edmonton → Toronto Pearson International Airport → Barbados

At: Barbados Workshop on Reinforcement Learning

From 2023-02-13T08:00 To 2023-02-17T08:00

Lucky number 7

For the second time this week, my commute was delayed by a “security incident” on the #yeg LRT. Three stations closed!

I really wish we had safe, predictable transit.

And we're done: we installed the plant wall this weekend! I'm pleased with how the casing makes the wall look like a little window into some distant jungle. The shadows cast by the plants are so dramatic.

Time for electrical on the plant wall: hooking up timer switches to run grow lights and an irrigation pump.

My bird of paradise is putting out a new leaf! The leaf large enough that it has to unfurl in segments. #plants

Where are the Albertans on mastodon? Where’s the #yeg gang? Any handles that folks reccomend?

#ab #abtech #abpoli #yeg #yegcc

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