I'm Alex Kearney, a PhD student studying Computer Science at the University of Alberta. I focus on Artificial Intelligence and Epistemology.

When I'm not playing with robots, I hang out with the indieweb community, drink tea, and scubadive.

Are any #indieweb folks heading to #ghc2018 this year? If there's any interest, I'd love to have an ad-hoc homebrew website club!

Deep Learning Summer School & Reinforcement Learning Summer School

Sights from DLLS & RLSS 2018 in Toronto.

The gang goes to an art lagoon. #travel #gradschool

MOMA with Kathy

Visited the MOMA in San Francisco with Kathy after Grad-CRAW

Grad-CRAW San Francisco

I got to drive in a Canadian #autonomouscar today! 🚘 🇨🇦 # sucansummit

Solar Eclipse 2017

I talk about my weekend trip flying down to Wyoming to see the solar eclipse.

Go time. ✈️🌞

Landing in Billings; en route to the #eclipse ✈️

Swimming With the Fishes: Visiting Ripley's Aquarium

In Ann Arbour for #RLDM 👩🏼‍💻

Man, AirBNB hosts can be awful.

Where I'm living for the next two weeks. #yyc


I went back to Edinburgh for hogmanay this year and it was pretty excellent.


My last stop on the Danube: Passau, Germany. It's a tiny town which is notable for it's gothic and baroque architecture.

Melk Abbey

The sight I was most excited about: Melk Abbey. It's *very* baroque.

Kloster Nurnberg

An austrian monastery established in 1114.

St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna

A gothic cathedral in Vienna. It's got a really good clock.

Imperial Treasury Vienna

The Viennese treasury. Filled with ridiculous things: The Holy Roman Empire's Crown, one of the largest emeralds in the world, etc.


Unexpectedly fun city of the trip: Budapest.


An odd foray into Serbia: It's a weird city with sad history.

Tarnova, Caras-Severin

A stop in Romania to say I stopped in Romania. Went to see an oddity: a church built in the 1970s.


My last stop in Bulgaria before getting on a boat and heading down the Danube.

I am okay.

Greetings from Passau.


Day one on my trip down the danube: Sofia, Bulgaria. I walked around some of the popular sights, seeing orthodox cathedrals, Serdician ruins, and an actual yellow-brick road.

Greetings from wine (Wachau).

Greetings from Budapest.

Favourite things: when airport security decides to open sanitary napkins when searching luggage.