I'm Alex Kearney, a PhD student studying Computer Science at the University of Alberta. I focus on Artificial Intelligence and Epistemology.

What I Did Feb 25th - Mar 3rd

  • Went to one of AMII's meetups to listen to to Johannes talk about laser welding and Meadow.ai talk about medical imaging.
  • Went to Amii's Whisky Wednesday meetup and tried a really cool Japanese whisky.
  • Received one of ten BorealisAI fellowships! 🎆
  • Went to the Sibelius festival and listened to Karelia Suite, Kuolema, Op. 44 No. 2: Scene with Cranes, and Violin Concerto in D minor, Op. 47.
  • Submitted two abstracts to RLDM 2019.
  • Submitted reviews for ICML2019.
  • Hacked on a twitter-bot which sends positive tweets when female politicians are harassed on twitter.
  • Went to a fraternity formal.
  • Built a twitter syndication tool that takes a blog-post and processes it into a twitter thread.

The struggle of @black_in_ai organizers trying to bring a diverse audience to #neurips reminds me of a point @erica_joy made in an interview:

“We aren’t thinking about the lost time spent having to fight those issues.”

These researchers are providing a service to the community which comes at a cost. We need to be better at acknowledging this and providing support.

Clearly @element_ai is all ready for #neurips . They've got a cute little walkway with some neat #mtl facts and deep learning memes.

It’s really impressive to see so many women in #tech in the same room for #ghc18 . Even the nosebleeds are filled! #WomenInTech

Really excited to head to my first #GHC2018 tomorrow! Does anyone have advice for how to make the most of it as a first-timer?

What I did Sept 8 - 16th

  • Went to Amii's inaugural monthly AI tech meetup and chatted with a bunch of people.

  • Moved into the Amii office downtown.

  • Worked on my Camera-ready copy of my AAAI fall symposium paper.

  • Wrote a proposal for the Distinguished Lecturer Series.

  • Watched Christopher Robin.

  • Read Weapons of Math Destruction.

  • Harvested what was left of my garden.

  • Finished the skull on my sweater.

  • Made yogurt!

Are any #indieweb folks heading to #ghc2018 this year? If there's any interest, I'd love to have an ad-hoc homebrew website club!

At the wildly talented @melosare’s tech talk at @AmiiThinks #AI meetup. Learning about the promise and peril of #ml in medicine.

The room is absolutely heaving! It’s great to see so much interest in #yeg AI 😊 🤖

I’ve been waiting a long time for this! My @inputclub white fox keyboard is finally here! So excited to start typing on my hako trues 😍 . . . #mechanicalkeyboard #mechkeyboard #whitefox #tech

I am unreasonably excited about this Grace Hopper sticker my lab-mate gave to me.

@hyperloopone hype at @peterhdiamandis’ @sucanadasummit talk. #tech #singularity

Open PCB surgery to try and extend my poor #cherrymx keyboard. #mechanicalkeyboard #tech

Things I didn't expect to be doing with my afternoon: contributing to a tech fashion blog.

On of the pianists at the chamber music festival was using a tablet for sheet music. #yeg .