I'm Alex Kearney, a PhD student studying Computer Science at the University of Alberta. I focus on Artificial Intelligence and Epistemology.

My labmate and I are heading to @CIFAR_News winter school on the neuroscience of consciousness and found a pepper robot in the wild (only one finger missing).

(I've never actually seen one practically put to use)

Today in grad-school: robot tea parties.

That feeling when you finish a semester and get back to living like a real human being 💀✨

Today in grad-school: French robots reciting Asimov's laws of robotics.

Today in grad-school: students pretending to be dolphins to understand actor-critic reinforcement learning.

The lab telepresence robot is actually being used, and it's kind of weird.

The robot sways to give a life-like sense to the speaker, but it still feels like they're a disembodied head.


Got to play with some new headgear in the lab. I'm the resident EEG zen-master, and some people are looking at using it as an additional control channel for bionic limbs.

They just hacked apart a mind-flex toy headset.

Strange posters have shown up on UofA campus.